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About Us
The ownership and management of Wickland Pipelines, LLC have extensive domestic and international experience in developing, building and operating petroleum product distribution and storage systems. Wickland Pipelines currently owns and operates common carrier pipelines that supply jet fuel to the Sacramento International Airport and the San Jose International Airport. These systems provide customers with the safest, most efficient, cost effective, and environmentally friendly mode of fuel supply, distribution, and terminal storage.

Wickland's extensive experience in design technologies, construction, and operations results in safe and efficient pipeline systems. We provide detailed testing, quality assurance and oversight on all of our systems and we work closely with both 3rd party service providers and customers at each location we serve. Wickland operating personnel is regularly engaged in U.S. Department of Transportation pipeline operator-training and other applicable fuel facilities training programs. In addition to our operational safety focus, our employees and contractors are specifically trained in the unique requirements of jet fuel and other petroleum products handling.

Wickland does not own the product we ship. We are strictly a transport vehicle for our customers, much like UPS or FedEx is for packages. The Government regulates the tariffs Wickland charges to transport products between origins and destinations.

For more information about Wickland Pipelines LLC, contact us at 916-978-2400.
Commitment to Excellence
Wickland Pipelines LLC recognizes that the ability to do business in any community is a privilege. We honor this by doing our utmost to avoid harm to people and the environment and by acting responsibly wherever we operate. High standards of safety, security and performance are key aspects of our business.

It is Wickland Pipelines policy to conduct its business in a manner that protects the safety of employees, others involved in its operations, customers, and the public. The Company is committed to continuous efforts to identify and eliminate or manage safety risks associated with its activities.
Accordingly, the Company's policy is to:
  • Design and maintain facilities, establish management systems, provide training and conduct operations in a manner that safeguards people and property
  • Respond quickly and effectively to abnormal conditions while cooperating with industry organizations and authorized government agencies
  • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations
  • Stress to all employees and contractors their responsibility for safe performance on the job
  • Undertake appropriate reviews and evaluations of its operations to measure progress and ensure compliance with Company policies